Mobile Services

If you can't get to us, we will come to you. . This service is limited to those patients who have common spaces in their residences. For the safety of our opticians, we cannot enter a private residence of someone we do not know. Exceptions to this rule may be made in some circumstances, like senior citizen  residents, offices and hospitals. Please contact us to see if our services meet your needs. All the advantages of  coming to Cristall Opticians , including direct billing, without having to leave your home.

What do we bring?

We bring a large assortment of eyewear and measuring tools.  This selection can be modified to your tastes. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to bring it with us.

What do we need to do in advance?

We need to make sure you have your prescription in hand or let us know where we can get it. If  you want us to call for the prescription in advance, we can do that too.

What does this cost?

The fee for a mobile visit is $75. If you purchase your glasses from our licensed optician, we will give you a $50 credit towards your eyeglasses purchase. If your glasses require minor repair, the fee for the visit will be $75 plus any additional fees requiring  extra materials or servicing. Organizations may pay the fee once for multiple participants.